Parents in East of England spend seven hours a week playing with their children, study finds

Children having fun playing. Photo: JupiterImages

Children having fun playing. Photo: JupiterImages - Credit:

Research has found that parents in the East of England spend an average of seven hours each week playing with their children and 67pc struggle when doing so.

More than 1,000 people took part in the study which found that the main factors preventing parents from playing with their children more frequently included lack of imagination, feeling silly and generally not knowing 'how' to play.

Chad Valley, one of the UK's oldest toy brands, carried out the research which saw parents in the east admit they would like more help and support to really harness their inner child.

In light of this, the company have launched a series of online video 'Mini Masterclasses' featuring pint-sized presenters offering parents some much needed advice and guidance on the art of having fun.

Dr Jacqueline Harding, leading child development expert, said: 'Children wallow in play in ways that adults have learned not to and this latest poll is telling of the struggle that adults face when it comes to entering a real of imagination that they left behind when growing up.'

The Mini Masterclasses are available to download from• How many hours a week do you think parents should spend playing with their children? Let us know in the comments below.

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