Palmers old skylight opened up to view, and wins architectural award

Palmersdecorative former skylights

Palmersdecorative former skylights - Credit: Palmers department store

In the Millennium year, Palmers was awarded an architectural prize by the planning department of Great Yarmouth Borough Council for its refurbishment of the skylight on the first floor of the Yarmouth store, which was constructed after a major fire in 1892.

Sadly, the fire destroyed most of the original store but the new building which followed, with its teak and mahogany fittings and its domes and arches, was a great advance both in increasing the general appearance and also providing it with more daylight.

The first floor skylight remained a feature for many years but in the middle of the 20th century the stained glass skylights were boarded over to protect them from the elements. During the 1960s they were further concealed by a false slatted ceiling.

In 2000, Palmers decided to make a new feature of its century old work by reopening the ceiling to the skylights and renovating the area.

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