Owl hands on deck! East Winch Wildlife Centre takes in surge of baby owls

A trio of tawny owls. Picture: Louise Ellis

A trio of tawny owls. Picture: Louise Ellis - Credit: Archant

Staff at the RSPCA's Each Winch Wildlife Centre are feeling the hoot this summer as a spike in poorly owls has left them with over 30 to take care off.

The centre, located near King's Lynn, has 32 baby owls to take care of - taking the total of wild mammals and birds in their care to 643.

Every summer, the RSPCA take injured, orphaned and abandoned juvenile mammals and birds under their wing.

Alison Charles, Manager of the RSPCA's East Winch wildlife centre, said: 'The youngsters have been admitted for a variety of reasons including being caught in netting, being emaciated and riddled with flies and maggots.

'We need to help them recover from their injuries or weakness and then build them up in preparation for return to the wild.'

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'On arrival we feed the owlets tiny pieces of chopped chick and leave some pieces in their cage to encourage them to eat on their own. These owlets may look cute, but it's important to remember they're wild birds of prey. Once they're able to feed themselves, we keep reducing our contact with them so they don't imprint on humans.

'That's the best way to make sure they'll cope when they return to the wild.'

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The busy centre is also looking after more than 170 ducklings, 41 gulls, 56 hedgehogs and 35 swans.

If you would like to help RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre continue rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife with a donation of just £3, simply text RSPCA3 to 70007' (Texts cost £3 + standard network rate).

RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre will also be hosting an Open Day on Sunday 23 July from 10am until 4pm.

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