Overwhelming opposition to proposed recycling centre closure

Profile on Docking. Pictured: Docking village sign.PHOTO: IAN BURTCOPY:FOR:EDP NewsEDP pics © 2007(0

Profile on Docking. Pictured: Docking village sign.PHOTO: IAN BURTCOPY:FOR:EDP NewsEDP pics © 2007(01603)772434 - Credit: IAN BURT

Norfolk County Council continues to propose closing Docking Recycling Centre despite overwhelming opposition to the idea.

Out of the 122 responses from the public consultation into the proposed closure of Docking Recycling Centre, 96pc felt it should remain open.

West Norfolk councillor Andrew Morrison said: 'Everybody is absolutely outraged by these proposals.

'The recycling centre serves 21 surrounding villages and works extremely efficiently. Of course it shouldn't be closed - it provides an excellent service.'

In the public consultation, fly-tipping topped the list of concerns as a result of the closure of the centre, which had 15,000 visitors last year.

The findings are set out in the agenda for the next Environment, Development and Transport Committee which will meet Friday.

Councillors are recommended to take note of the public consultation, but advised still go ahead with the closure from January 2016.

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Norfolk County Council says it will save £70,000 by closing Docking Recycling Centre which is among series of suggestions to make savings of £280,000.

The issue was discussed at length during the last Docking parish council meeting.

Mr Morrison, who attended, said: 'Officers [from Norfolk County Council] were very quick to explain that no fly-tipping exists when a service gets stretched like this.

'But that's absolute nonsense. It is plain sense that if people don't have somewhere to put their waste, they will throw it out wherever they can.'

He added: 'This is the officers persuading the county councillors to move ahead with the closure.'

If the Docking centre does close, staff will be able to work at another site and CCTV installed to gather evidence of fly-tipping in the viscidity.

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