Overall control is the big prize in Great Yarmouth

Candidates vying for control of Great Yarmouth Borough Council have set out their stalls to voters ahead of Thursday's elections.

The 45 would-be councillors have written a short piece about themselves to help the public decide how to cast their vote.

And the future of the authority is now in your hands.

A shift in power at the Tory-controlled council is possible, and both council leader Steve Ames and deputy Charles Reynolds face competition to keep their seats.

The current make-up of the council is 22 Conservatives, 16 Labour and one Independent.

A third of the council's 39 seats are going to the polls on May 3, numbering eight Conservative, four Labour and one Independent.

And for the first time ever, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is contesting all 13 seats.

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Incumbent councillors Mike Taylor, an Independent and former Labour councillor; and Tory Alan Grey are not standing for re-election.

The wards where seats will go to the vote are: Bradwell North; Bradwell South and Hopton; Central and Northgate; Claydon; East Flegg; Gorleston; Magdalen; Nelson; Ormesby; St Andrews; Southtown and Cobholm; West Flegg and Yarmouth North.

Councillors standing for re-election are Steve Ames, Charles Reynolds, Anthony Blyth, George Jermany, Bertie Collins, Patricia Page, Michael Jeal, Marlene Fairhead, Penny Linden, Barry Coleman and Paul Garrod. (*denotes sitting councillor).

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