Outnumbered Ben helps �2m Break charity appeal

A schoolboy TV star is helping a Norfolk charity launch a �2m appeal in the New Year.

On screen Daniel Roche is the curly-haired, fib-telling, constantly-questioning Ben Brockman driving his parents to distraction in the comedy series Outnumbered.

But the 12-year-old has given his support, and voice, to Break charity's animated film, made by local students, which is part of a big spring push seeking funds to buy five new children's homes in East Anglia.

And the Sheringham-based family support cause says the youngster is a far cry from his TV character.

Break senior communications officer Liz Richards said: 'Daniel is a charming young man, who came straight from school with his mum Judy for the recording in London earlier this month.'

The 40-year-old charity, which runs a range of services supporting vulnerable people including assessments for family in crisis and short breaks is looking to add to its six children's homes.

It has already begun approaching charitable trusts in search of cash to buy another five, and will launch the public appeal in April targeting companies, schools, donations and fund-raising events, said Mrs Richards.

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Thirty six students doing BA animation degrees at the Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) submitted ideas for a film, and third year Andrew Jackson's idea - which remains under wraps until the launch - was chosen.

Mrs Richards said they then thought about using Daniel for the voice over because he was the right age and had a distinctive voice.

'We approached his agency and he was delighted to help despite being busy with his acting and school,' she added.

Daniel was nominated for the best male newcomer title at the 2009 British Comedy Awards for his part in the part-improvised Outnumbered. He has also been in Casualty, a BBC adaptation of Just William, the 2008 film Off Season and a number of television commercials.

He is also doing the voiceover as the character Eric on the BBC programme A Day in the Life of a 10-year-old.

The Break sound recording has now been done at the Sound Company studios in London, who donated studio time and an engineer.

For more information about Break call 01263 822161 or visit www.break-charity.org

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