Stunning image shows spooky orange moon over Norfolk coast

An orange moon was photographed over Brancaster. 

An orange moon was photographed over Brancaster. - Credit: Stephen Clark

If you had your eyes to the skies on Saturday you may have spotted a stunning orange-hued moon up above.

A photograph of the unusual sight was captured by Stephen Clark, 57, looking north-east across the marshes in Brancaster at around 4.45pm on Saturday (November 20).

Mr Clark, who owns Pebbles Photography and Picture Framing in Brancaster, said: "I have seen one before but not for a long time. 

"I was talking to a friend on our driveway and noticed this small red crescent coming up over the horizon.

"I grabbed my camera, calling to my wife Deanee to look at the moon.

"I managed to get this photo before it disappeared into the cloud."

When the moon is lower in the sky it tends to have a more yellow or orange colour as the moon's light travels a longer distance in the atmosphere.

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More of the shorter, bluer wavelengths of light are scattered away, leaving longer, redder ones and dust or pollution can also deepen the colour.

It was spotted the day after the November 'Beaver' Full Moon that peaked at 9am on Friday, which gets its name as it is the time of year beavers build dams.

This year it coincided with a partial lunar eclipse, known as a half blood moon, as part of the moon moves into the earth's shadow blocking the sun's light. 

It was also the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years. 

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