Oil wellheads, mortars and machine-guns destroyed by RAF Marham Tornados as Syria and Iraq air strikes continue

A Tornado GR4 lands at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt

A Tornado GR4 lands at RAF Marham. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

RAF Marham planes have continued their campaign against Isis/Daesh targets in Syria and Iraq.

Tornado GR4s helped lead further attacks on wellheads in Syria in the sprawling Omar oil field as part of the coalition's plan to target the terrorists' finances.

On Sunday Tornados flying from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus dropped Paveway IV bombs on the oil field.

An MoD statement said: 'They joined other coalition aircraft in a carefully coordinated strike against the oil infrastructure upon which Daesh relies for much of their revenue to fund their barbaric activities. The GR4s conducted successful attacks using Paveway IV guided bombs.

'The Tornados then joined Typhoon FGR4s, also flying from RAF Akrotiri, in conducting armed reconnaissance to investigate possible further terrorist targets.'

On Monday and Tuesday Tornados supported Kurdish troops in Iraq by destroying a number of strong points including mortar and heavy machine-gun positions.