Offshore wind industry will learn lessons from space at East Anglia conference

An offshore wind farm. Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

An offshore wind farm. Photo credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Radar technology being used to keep drones away from airports and military planes could also be used to protect offshore windfarms.

The idea is one which will be aired at an event being held in Lowestoft next week to bring together experts from the space, defence and oil and gas sectors to share their expertise and ideas.

Offshore Wind Meets … Space, Defence and Oil and Gas is a free-to-attend, one-day event being hosted by OrbisEnergy's offshore renewables hub at Lowestoft on Tuesday.

One of the speakers, Jaime Reed from Airbus Defence and Space, said one exciting example of sharing ideas between sectors would be new radar systems used to stop drone damage to military planes and bases by spotting, then electronically disrupting, its flight.

'It can also be used to stop drone damage at clusters of offshore turbines during inspection flying accidents or intentional attacks,' he said.

Aircraft radar systems used against bird strikes which triggered an acoustic bird scarer also had potential windfarm use, he added.

Mr Reed said: 'This event is a really good initiative. It is when you bring together different industries like this, that you get really good new, left-field, ideas.'

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Offshore Wind Meets … will bring together innovators, strategic thinkers, engineers and inventors with the aim of hatching new ideas to support future development and cost reduction in the offshore wind industry.

It aims to look at collaboration opportunities in the supply chain and to drive technical and commercial innovation, along with reduction of costs for developing, operating and maintaining offshore wind projects.

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