All you need to know about the Hunter’s Moon

The Hunter's Moon is due October 24. PHOTO: Steve Wade

The Hunter's Moon is due October 24. PHOTO: Steve Wade - Credit: Steve Wade

Last month saw the Harvest Moon rise but soon the Hunter's Moon will dominate the sky.

The Hunter's Moon is the first full moon after a Harvest Moon. It's thought to get its name from providing light for hunters to catch animals as daylight hours get shorter to prepare and preserve for the winter months.

This year's Hunter's Moon will dominate the sky on October 24. It will be fully illuminated by 5.45PM but won't be visible above the horizon until 6.45PM in the UK.

The Hunter's Moon will appear brighter, larger and clearer than a normal moon and you'll be able to see it no matter the weather conditions, though clear skies are always best for viewing astronomical events.

If you want to take a good picture of the Hunter's Moon then it's best to use a high resolution camera and a tripod as smart phones struggle to take clear pictures due to the glare the moon gives off.

The night before the Hunter's Moon (October 23), Uranus will be at its closest approach to Earth and fully illuminated by the Sun. The planet will appear as a tiny blue-green dot and will remain visible all night.

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