Warm tributes paid to Gordon Robertson, former landlord of The Mitre pub in Norwich

Andrew 'Gordon' Robertson, former landlod of the Mitre pub, Norwich, with wife Margarita Robertson.

Andrew 'Gordon' Robertson, former landlod of the Mitre pub, Norwich, with wife Margarita Robertson. Submitted - Credit: Submitted

A former pub landlord is to be granted his final wish, as his body will say one last farewell to the pub he ran for more than a decade.

Andrew 'Gordon' Robertson was landlord of the Mitre Pub, Earlham Road, Norwich, between 1984 and 1999, and before he died last month, he wished to visit the pub one last time.

Sadly, in life, this wish was not granted. However, thanks to his grieving family, he will be able to bid one more farewell to The Mitre.

Ahead of his funeral on Tuesday, Mr Robertson's body will be paraded past the pub, fulfilling his parting wish.

His widow, Margarita Robertson, with whom he ran the pub, said: 'Gordon loved Norwich, and he loved the Mitre. He loved talking to customers and welcoming them to the pub and cared deeply about his business.

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'When we took over the pub in 1984, it was very really down in the dumps, and he turned it around. 'Every business takes time.' he used to say. Perseverance was his motto.'

Mr and Mrs Robertson married in 1954 and went on to have three children; two daughters, Ana and Collette, and one son, Billy, who died in 2010.

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The pair ran pubs far and wide, in Majorca and Peterborough, before moving to Norwich to take over the Mitre. However, his businesses were not his only concern.

Mrs Robertson, 86, added: 'He was a business man, but he was a family man first. He loved his children and looking after them and me was his life.

'As a landlord he was strict, but he would welcome everybody into the pub; as long as they behaved.'

His daughter Ana Eccleston, 47, added: 'Growing up with him was quite embarrassing in a way, because everywhere we went, somebody knew him.

'He was a strict father - he just had to look at us to let us know we had done something wrong - but we loved and respected him so much. He was so involved with us all and we were so close.'

Mr Robertson died at 84 years old, on November 18, after losing his fight with lung cancer. Mrs Robertson has since been overwhelmed with condolences and messages from old customers.

His funeral will take place at Earlham Crematorium on Tuesday at 11.15, after he passes the Mitre one last time.

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