Stanley Rowbotham: Headmaster at Norwich school

A headmaster for more than a quarter of a century at schools in Norfolk and south Lincolnshire, Stanley Rowbotham, has died peacefully aged 93.

He moved to Hellesdon, Norwich to become headmaster of Kinsale Avenue Junior School. After it was reorganised in 1976, he took charge of the middle school and when he retired after almost 14 years in July 1980, the roll had expanded to almost 400 pupils.

He was also a churchwarden, mostrecently for 13 years at St Paul's Church, Hellesdon.

Born in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, he went to St Bede's School, Durham. After studying at Durham University, he started teaching in 1939.

He served in the Royal Air Force for the duration and one of his first postings was to France during the so-called 'phony war' before Hitler launched the Battle of France in May 1940.

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He was a headmaster for 27 years and taught for more than a dozen years at Kirton County Primary School, Lincolnshire, where he was also involved with his local church.

Married for more than 30 years to Margaret, he even took up golf to share her enthusiasm. While the church was important to his life, he was also a keen gardener.

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In retirement, he was also a bereavement councillor at Priscilla Bacon Lodge, and delivered 'meals-on-wheels' for many years.

He leaves a widow, Margaret. He had two daughters, three grand-children and one great grandchild.

A service of thanksgiving has been held at St Paul's Church, Hawthorne Avenue, Hellesdon.

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