Nursery children stunned by ‘Siamese banana’

A morning snack at a Horsford nursery turned into a bananadrama after the surprise appearance of a piece of freak fruit.

A 'Siamese' banana became the hot topic of the day when it was served up to pre-school children after Fairview nursery manager Jane Cooke unwittingly bought one and got one free at Sainsbury's on the Longwater estate.

'The children wanted to investigate to see if there were two bananas inside or if they were joined. So we decided to peel it,' said nursery assistant Tracy Brown. 'Under the skin was a joined double banana, which they enjoyed eating. I've never seen anything like it.'

The tasty treat sparked a healthy debate amongst the curious Horsford youngsters.

Cole Manley, aged three, reasoned: 'Maybe someone stuck it together when it was made it the skin,' while Freddie Silvester, four, commented: 'That is funny.'

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'It's a magic banana,' added a mesmerised Megan Scrivens, aged four, bursting into laughter.

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