Now Savour Norfolk’s Cheeseboard

If you always turn to cheddar or red Leicester and feel you're being adventurous if you add a soft cheese, smoked cheese or blue cheese to your party cheeseboard, it could be time to concentrate! We've a great array of Norfolk cheeses at the Norfolk food festival to enjoy, from familiar flavours to the definitely different.

Bircham Windmill, near Sandringham

Visitors can watch the friendly sheep milked here and learn how the cheese is made, before tasting it in the tearooms and buying from the shop.

Norfolk Charm is a Wensleydale-style recipe, matured for three months to develop its distinctive flavour and texture.

Millers Fancy is a Feta-style cheese, milkier than the shop bought Feta many people know and a lot less salty, with a creamy texture and moorish flavour. Delicious with olives and herbs.

Willow Farm Dairy (formerly Poppylot Farm Dairy) at Deopham

Cheeses are hand made here from the milk of its white British Friesland dairy ewes.

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Norfolk White Lady is an artisan, full fat, tasty brie-style cheese with a beautiful, melt in the mouth creamy texture.

It's made with vegetarian rennet nd has a slightly sharp Brie flavour. The Wissington hard cheese is beautifully flavoured, and there's a fine feta cheese too.

Mrs Temple's Cheeses at Wighton

Immensely well known and loved, these cheeses are hand-made using traditional methods handed down by Catherine Temple's mother and grandmother.

Made with the milk from her award-winning Chalk Farm herd of British Holsteins, her varieties are famous across East Anglia. Binham Blue is a soft creamy blue-veined cheese.

Great Walsingham is a matured, crumbly cheese, wonderful with pickle. Melton is a mozzarella made from cows' milk.

Warham is a Dutch Edam or Gouda style, delicately flavoured with cumin. Mrs Temple's Norfolk Alpine has a more-ish, nutty flavour.

Ferndale Norfolk Farmhouse Cheeses

A range handmade on the family farm at Little Barningham, close to Mannington and Wolterton Halls.

Hardworking advocates of habitats for wildlife, the farmers here often see nesting kingfishers, oystercatchers, turtle doves and tits.

The Barn Owls, adopted as the farm logo, hunt daily around the meadows. The Norfolk Dapple is a hard unpasteurised, clothbound cows' milk cheese with a distinctive dappled rind. It has a delicate taste with a hint of grass about it. There's a smoked version too.

The Ruby Dapple is a favourite, marbled with port.

The Carrow is flavoured with mustard seeds.

Fielding Cottage, Little Ellingham

Sam and Bertie Steggles produce extremely tasty cheese and other products from their herd of goats.

Ellingham is a soft feta type cheese, ideal for salads or on its own with crackers. Herbie Ellingham and Chilli Ellingham can be made to order

Norfolk Mardler is a waxed, creamy eight-week matured cheese.

Norton's Dairy, Frettenham

These farmers concentrate on animal and environment-friendly milk and milk products, having moved from a big dairy company contract to keep in touch with their customers.

St Swithins Soft is a fresh, soft cheese made in small batches on the farm using only fresh whole Norton's dairy milk. A versatile cheese, it cooks well, is perfect for cheesecakes and as a softer alternative to goat's cheese.

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