Association says sorry after persistent leaks 'ruin' family's mental health

Tonya Hoyland and her son Alfie

Tonya Hoyland and her son Alfie are at the "end of their tether" over delays to leak repair works promised by Broadland Housing Association - Credit: Tonya Hoyland

A clinically vulnerable woman has criticised a housing association for "using Covid as an excuse" after unrepaired leaks, bubbling floors and wet furniture turned her disabled son into a "nervous wreck".

Broadland Housing Association has apologised to 54-year-old Tonya Hoyland following delays in repairing faults at the property she shares with her disabled son.

But Ms Holyand has hit out at the organisation, saying it had pushed her to the end of her tether.

leak in bathroom at Broadland Housing Association

The tap in Ms Hoyland's bathroom was leaking for weeks before the problem was sorted - Credit: Tonya Hoyland

According to the tenant, a leak in the bathroom that appeared at the beginning of February rendered the floor uneven and medically unsuitable for use by either Ms Hoyland or her son.

She said: "My son has epilepsy, learning difficulties and mobility issues. Standing on that bathroom floor felt like an Alton Towers ride.

"It was so saturated with water my son and I kept falling over.

"My boy would just sit and stare at the ceiling downstairs watching the water drip through. He was scared to wash in case it flooded the whole house."

A puddle formed in Ms Hoyland's bathroom on account of the leak

A puddle formed in Ms Hoyland's bathroom on account of the leak - Credit: Tonya Hoyland

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She reported the issue to Broadland Housing which replaced the floor in the bathroom on February 19, but only repaired the leak itself on March 19 - five weeks after her initial report.

A Broadland Housing Association spokesman said they had apologised to Ms Hoyland for her distress but that during lockdown were only able to carrying out "emergency repairs" to comply with government guidelines.

"This was an emergency repair so we attended as quickly as we could," they said.

Ms Hoyland, however, said it was not good enough to "use Covid as an excuse".

"It took them over six weeks and the job still isn't done", she explained. "They've ruined my chair and my carpet and they've ruined our mental health.

"There's another leak now which I've been told won't be repaired until April 16. It's ridiculous."

Damp sofa in Broadland Housing Association

The downstairs sofa ended up getting soaked because of the leak and now needs to be cleaned, which Ms Hoyland would like Broadland Housing Association to pay for - Credit: Tonya Hoyland

On Easter Saturday, the association's contractors ended up cutting three holes in her sitting room ceiling to locate the source of the second leak.

An association spokesman said once all the repairs had been carried out they would visit Ms Hoyland to check she was happy, and were willing to discuss any potential compensation for her damaged carpet and furniture.

But Ms Hoyland said: "I have no faith in them anymore. All of it is just making me ill."

holes in Ms Hoyland's ceiling

On Easter Saturday, contractors came to Ms Hoyland's house and ended up cutting holes in her ceiling to try and locate the source of the second leak. They still haven't been repaired - Credit: Tonya Hoyland

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