Norwich stab victim says she can now start her life again

Victoria Meek is lucky to be alive to see her ex-boyfriend sentenced for leaving her and two children for dead after a frenzied knife attack.

The 23-year-old from Tuckswood and two youngsters, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were stabbed repeatedly by Isaac Williams during an attack on April 12. All three were left fighting for their lives following the brutal attacks by the kitchen porter, who fled the scene in the Lakenham area and was arrested three days later at the seafront in Great Yarmouth on April 15.

Williams 28, was yesterday sentenced to an indeterminate jail sentence serving a minimum of 10 years after pleading guilty to three counts of attempted murder in July.

For Miss Meek, a former Hewett School pupil who was in a relationship with Williams for five years up until November last year, it was an important day.

She said: 'It's the end of that chapter. I can close that chapter of my life and move on. I've got some closure.'

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Miss Meek, who was stabbed more than 10 times before Williams set upon the two children, can remember little of the attack itself, but said she now has no feelings for her ex-boyfriend.

She said: 'I don't recognise that person - he's just a stranger. I've no feelings towards him; he doesn't deserve any feelings.'

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Williams was angry on learning that his former partner was in a new relationship, but although she knew he had been unhappy, Miss Meek said she had no idea how far his rage would take him.

She said: 'He had been violent before, but not to that extent.

'I didn't think he was capable of that. He tried so many times to get back with me but I had just moved on with my life and I suppose he just couldn't handle the fact I had moved on.'

Recalling the moments leading up to the attack in an interview with the Evening News earlier this year, Miss Meek said: 'We had split up, but he was trying to get back together with me. I could see the anger in his face and I walked out of the room, but he said everything was fine.

'I asked him if he could go to the shop to get some milk. He was gone for about half an hour and I was wondering why it was taking so long. Then he came through to the kitchen and punched me to the floor and stabbed me. After the third time I couldn't remember anything else.

'I honestly thought I was dead.'

The actions of Williams have had a profound effect on Miss Meek, not only in terms of the flashbacks she sometimes suffers, but also in the way she views men in general.

She said: 'I don't trust men.'

Slowly but surely Miss Meek, who is taking things 'day by day', is now beginning to rebuild her life after the trauma of what happened to her in April this year and one day hopes to be able to 'work with children'.

But any kind of life or future would not be possible were it not for the skill of paramedics and hospital staff who came to her aid in the days following the attacks.

Miss Meek, from Tuckswood, knows she is 'so very lucky to be here' and was grateful to police, paramedics and hospital staff for their efforts following the attack.

She said: 'I would just like to thank them for everything that they've done.'

All three casualties were taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Miss Meek and one of the young children underwent life-saving operations. A second child was also treated for multiple knife injuries.

However all three have made a remarkable recovery from their injuries.

Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry, from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team (MIT), said: 'It has been incredible to see the resilience shown by the children and we wish them well in their continued recovery.'

'It was a very distressing job and all the people from the police and ambulance that turned up at the scene worked very hard and we have to give a great deal of thanks to them and the hospital.'

The Evening News launched its Don't Suffer in Silence campaign earlier this year to highlight the problem of domestic violence and the plight of thousands of victims and Mr Fry said it was vital victims came forward so that the police and authorities could help.

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