Norwich sisters at Paralympics together

A Notre Dame High School student will be representing Norwich as she tries her hand as a journalist at the Paralympic Games after she was inspired by her older sister who lost her leg to cancer.

Alice Conroy, 16, of the Golden Triangle in Norwich, has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to London as a reporter for the Paralympic Post – and will be reporting on her sister, Amy, 19, who will be representing Great Britain in the women's wheelchair basketball team.

Alice was first inspired by disability sports when her older sister Amy's leg was amputated.

She said: 'Having experienced first-hand the remarkable confidence and hope that sport can bring, I feel very passionately about the Paralympic Games and how it has the potential to turn life destroying situations into really positive opportunities.'

In the early stages of Amy's rehabilitation, the sisters from Norwich trained alongside each other at a wheelchair basketball club.

Amy started with the Green Canaries at the Recreation Road Sports Centre before going on to train with the Bury Bombers and Eastern Blue Stars.

Amy is now representing Great Britain in the women's wheelchair basketball team and will be competing in the London 2012 Paralympics.

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And Alice's area to report on is the wheelchair basketball and sitting volleyball – meaning she'll get to report on her sister.

The soon-to-be-reporter said: 'I really didn't think I'd get in.

'I saw an article in my dad's teaching magazine and just thought I'd go for it, and to be able to interview such fantastic athletes is really inspiring.

'After watching Amy put so much into her training, I'm going to be a very proud sister.'

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