Norwich schoolchildren plant trees for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Children from three Norwich primary schools joined together to plant a variety of trees to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The saplings were donated by The Woodland Trust's national Jubilee Woods Project and the planting at the Bowthorpe Community Park in Ivy Road on Thursdaywas supported by the NELM charity, which manages the park for the community.

Lynda Wilkinson, chairman of NELM, said: 'It was a great opportunity for the children to dig holes, get themselves dirty and do something to improve their own area for the future.

'As they grow up, it will be great for them, and their children, to enjoy watching the trees growing too.

'This park is a great resource for local people and thanks to the Queens's Jubilee celebrations, these trees should make it an even nicer environment for everyone to enjoy.'

The 105 saplings are from Hawthorn, Hazel, Dogwood, Wild Cherry, Silver Birch and Rowan Trees.

The Woodland Trust has also donated a Royal Oak sapling that has been grown from seeds from one of the royal estates.

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After the children from Valley Primary, Henderson Green Primary and West Earlham Junior Schools had finished their planting, they commemorated the day by creating four large art works which will be displayed at the Henderson Business Centre, home of the NELM charity.

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