Norwich school to open as normal after Finkelgate house collapse

Staff at a Norwich school said the new year term should start as normal today despite the building having its water supply cut off after extensive cracks appeared in a neighbouring house.

Notre Dame High School headteacher Brian Conway said the students should not be affected by subsiding houses on Finkelgate and the water supply would be repaired for the start of term.

Four terraced homes on the Norwich street were evacuated on Christmas Eve after subsidence meant one started to collapse.

Finkelgate is likely to remain closed for some days due to the subsidence in the road and footpath, but Mr Conway said he hoped staff would be able to use the school's back entrance where teachers park their cars.

'From our point of view there is not really going to be an inconvenience to the school', he said.

'They are fixing the water supply today and we'll be fine to open and carry on.

'We are going to keep the students well away from it and carry on as normal.'

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