Trash Girl spends the day at the EDP and Evening News to share her eco tips

ECO Hero Nadia Sparkes at Archant Photo: Brittany Creasey

ECO Hero Nadia Sparkes at Archant Photo: Brittany Creasey - Credit: Archant

Norfolk's young eco-warrior Trash Girl spends the day with the EDP and Norwich Evening News. Brittany Creasey joined her to learn about making Norfolk a cleaner, more eco-friendly county.

Nadia Sparkes "Trash Girl"

Nadia Sparkes "Trash Girl" - Credit: Archant

At the age of just 13, Nadia Sparkes, otherwise known as 'Trash Girl', already has enough achievements under her belt to make the average adult envious.

Over the past few years, Nadia's commitment to litter picking on her cycle to school has made headlines.

Last January we ran a story about her achievements and how children at her local school had bullied her, naming her 'Trash Girl', a title she has since proudly owned.

After the article went viral, the bullying eased off for a few months but then escalated again.

Team Trash Girl List of eco things you can do

Team Trash Girl List of eco things you can do - Credit: Archant

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Unfortunately, she felt her school did not support her and she says she was disappointed when the headteacher suggested she give up litter picking to ease off the bullies.

Despite this, Nadia continued to litter pick and has now gained a large following on Instagram and Facebook, with supporters worldwide.

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Last year Nadia was honoured as part of our Stars of Norfolk and Waveney Awards, withher prize being that she spent time in the newsroom showing us the importance of recycling and what things to look out for on a litter pick.

During a short trip around Norwich city centre we collected a full tote bag worth of cans, sandwich boxes and bottles.

Alcohol cans seemed to be a main offender in the city centre, with many bottles next to a bin.

Most people do not realise that what is dropped will go down a drain, end up in the river and then wind up on the beaches.

The closer you look the worse it gets.

Nadia, from Hellesdon, has now left her old school and is about to start at Reepham High School, which is renowned for being very eco conscious.

Nadia said she was 'very excited about the move' and looked forward to being part of the school and spreading her message.

Her next adventure takes her to London on Friday where she will collect the Points of Light award granted by Prime Minster, Theresa May.

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