Norwich’s Castle Mall says ‘no evidence’ guard threw bucket of water on homeless people


- Credit: Archant

There is no evidence that a security guard threw cold water on homeless people outside Castle Mall, a spokesperson for the Norwich shopping centre said on Wednesday.

The mall launched an investigation after an allegation that one of its security guards threw a cold bucket of water onto a group of homeless people.

But a spokesperson said that after reviewing CCTV and taking statements from security officers, there was 'no evidence whatsoever that any of our team were involved in any such incident'.

A Facebook post, which has been widely shared, alleges that a member of Castle Mall security laughed as they threw the water on people sleeping in the doorway on Sunday evening.

The message on the People's Picnic Facebook page said: 'Not only did he leave them in soaking wet clothes, freezing and exposed to harsh declining temperatures, but also drenched their sleeping bags which were the only other means of keeping them warm.'

People's Picnic is a group that serve food to the homeless and hungry in the city.

A spokesperson from the shopping centre said earlier on Wednesday: 'In one minute we had 15 bad reviews, it is a witch-hunt really and I want to know what is going on and what happened.'