Norwich poet Tim Clare writes poems for celebs at the Brit Awards

A Norwich poet, who has previously written a poem for Jarvis Cocker, last night served up made-to-order poems for a host of celebrities.

Tim Clare and his team of poets took their Poetry Takeaway to the Brit Awards party at the O2 Arena in London.

Set up 18 months ago, the Poetry Takeaway is run from a converted burger van and sees Mr Clare and his fellow 'poetry chefs' concoct poems on any given subject matter within 10 minutes.

The free poems are written to order, performed by the poet and then the recipient gets to take away their poem in a takeaway box.

Mr Clare, who lives in the Golden Triangle, and his team were asked to attend the Brit Awards party last night.

The high-profile appearance came after Mr Clare wrote a quick-fire poem for Pulp's frontman Mr Cocker when the trailer van was parked outside the Tate Britain last autumn.

On his way down to London yesterday, Mr Clare, 31, said: 'For years they have been saying poetry is the new rock and roll and it is, we're going to the Brit Awards.

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'We have no idea who to expect to write poetry for, but what I love most about it is that everyone you speak to is not only incredibly friendly, but has also has got some amazing stories to tell.'

Mr Clare and his team have travelled all over the country with their Poetry Takeaway and have attended a number of events including the Edinburgh Festival, Wenlock Poetry Festival and the London Literature Festival.

Last night, three poets from his rotating cast of 50 were writing the poems. They started writing at 9pm and were expected to finish in the early hours of this morning.

'You're writing constantly about all sorts of subjects,' said Mr Clare. 'There's just this constant stream of inspiration and you can be writing about anything from someone's birthday to a eulogy about a lady's dead budgie. Afterwards, you feel mentally exhausted.'

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