Norwich one of places with fewest number of railway stations per population in country

Norwich Railway Station. Commuters passengers passing throught the barriers to the trains. Photo : S

Norwich Railway Station. Commuters passengers passing throught the barriers to the trains. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Archant

Norwich is one of the places in Britain with the fewest number of railway stations per population, new research has revealed.

The city has just one station serving 138,872 people compared to the City of London which was found to have the highest concentration of stations per population, with one for just 1,460 residents.

Leicester topped the list for the fewest railway stations per population with its only station serving almost 350,000 thousand people, followed by Hull with one station serving 258,995 and Oldham in third with one per 230,823. Norwich was in tenth.

Peter Bayless, of the East Anglia branch of campaign group Railfuture, said he would like to see another rail station in the city to ease the pressure for commuters.

'Norwich railway station has been made better but it is not excellent and there needs to be more services to Ely and Cambridge,' he said. 'Norwich would benefit from a station to the south of the city near the Thickthorn roundabout as it would mean people in the south and the west of the county wouldn't have to go to the other side of the city to get access to a train to London.'

The research follows news last week that a new rail station on the edge of Norwich is a step closer.

It would see a new stop built close to Broadland Business Park, along with a more frequent service between Norwich and North Walsham.

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Broadland District Council said a study on the Bittern Line had found a 'strong' business case for both schemes and warranted further research.

Should the new station go ahead, it will be the first one to be built in Norfolk for more than 25 years.

The exact location of the proposed new station has yet to be determined but it has support from major companies including Aviva who have a significant presence at the Broadland Business Park.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: 'We have had very early discussions with the council about the possibility of a new station at Broadland Business Park. Any new station would need to be agreed with the train operator and the Department for Transport.'

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