Norwich mum went to spend a penny - and came back with an unexploded bomb

A Norwich teacher discovered a pile of Second World War mortars when she stopped for a toilet break while walking in the woods.

Karen Woodhouse was enjoying a stroll with her family on Wednesday in Horsford woods when she stopped to relieve herself.

The 47-year-old, who teaches at White Woman Lane Junior School in Sprowston, saw the tail end of a mortar sticking out of the ground.

The mother-of-four said: 'There was a little dump of about 10 of these things. I had perched right on top of them.

'It was bit of a shock really to be sitting there and to see them – you don't expect it.

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'I guess because it was off the beaten track the chances of coming across them were quite remote.

'I was in the right place to see them.'

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Mrs Woodhouse was walking with her eight-year-old son Ben, eight-year-old niece Natasha, brother Michael, dad Richard Belson, mum Bridget and sister-in-law Annette at the time who was visiting from Leicester.

They took a piece which looked like the rusted tail of a mortar home and called the police to tell them about it.

Officers confirmed they were Second World War devices and later cordoned off the area.

On Thursday afternoon a bomb disposal crew headed into Horsford to destroyed the mortars with a controlled explosion. They are believed to have been dumped when the woods were used as a firing range in the 1940s. There is still a shooting range on the site.

The mortars were found on land owned by the Forestry Commission, half a mile from the car park on Green Lane. A police spokeswoman confirmed they visited the woods at 10.20am on Thursday and called the bomb disposal squad who detonated the devices.

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