Norwich model Kerri Parker dines with Hugh Hefner at Playboy mansion in LA

Norwich model Kerri Parker has been enrolled at the world-famous Playboy mansion in Los Angeles and dined with Hugh Hefner.

The model, actress and entrepreneur, who runs one of the UK's biggest model training schools, has brought back some of her Los Angeles modelling techniques to add more spice to her Norwich academy tutorials days.

She said: 'Teaching the girls new found techniques to help with their modelling careers is very important. It keeps them up to date and ahead in the game of modelling for more international success as well as at home.

'I'm off to LA again this week for a month at the Playboy mansion, but I do miss Norwich/Norfolk. But I don't miss the weather. I can bring back my USA modelling experience, but I can't bring back the weather to Norwich.'

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