Norwich man hanged himself following brain tumour fears, inquest hears

A Norwich man hanged himself because of fears he was suffering from a life-threatening brain condition an inquest has heard.

Che Armes, 37, a single man who lived in Catton Grove Road, Norwich, was pronounced dead on January 16 this year.

An inquest held in Norwich heard a post mortem examination was carried out and established cause of death to be hanging although the pathologist did detect a large brain tumour which represented a 'life threatening situation'.

Speaking at the inquest, held on Wednesday, Mr Armes' brother Teo said he thought his brother's character changed in the last six months of his life.

He said it was from August last year that he became 'slightly more isolated from people through choice' and started to stay in much more, declining invitations to come out 'even with family and friends'.

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Teo said: 'He didn't want to go to the pub for a drink when people asked him. He didn't want to come round and watch Norwich which is something we used to do a lot which I thought was slightly odd...a bit strange that he didn't want to come round.'

In addition to not wanting to socialise as he did before, Teo said Mr Armes had also complained of vomiting although no-one thought it was too serious at that point.

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By November last year Mr Armes' friends had also started to notice he had become more 'distant' and by December he had moved in with his mum after complaining about damp in his flat.

Mr Armes continued to be sick at his mother's house and was really ill over Christmas where he was also seen to stumble about as well as being sick.

Mr Armes went with Teo to see the doctor on December 28 last year and had blood tests taken after he described his symptoms. The tests came back normal but the results of a later test of the reflexes in Mr Armes' lower leg prompted the doctor to refer him to a neurologist.

Teo, who told the inquest his brother was 'really frightened', said on January 16 he received a text from his mum, who was at work, asking him to check on his brother before he got a call from his nanny to say that Mr Armes was lying on the stairs.

Teo, who said he was 'happy' with the response by his brother's doctor said he arrived to be told by a paramedic that Mr Armes had hanged himself. A note was later discovered.

Norfolk Coroner William Armstrong recorded a verdict of suicide while suffering from a life threatening medical condition.

He said: 'Clearly he knew he was suffering from a condition and was dying and decided to bring his life to an end in these circumstances.'

Mr Armstrong added: 'We know he was a caring, kind loving man and will be remembered with much affection.'

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