Norwich horse sanctuary hit by six thefts in six months

The Little Tinkers Horse Sanctuary have been broken into and vandalised for the 7th time in as many

The Little Tinkers Horse Sanctuary have been broken into and vandalised for the 7th time in as many months. Thieves stole hay bags, medicine and even took coats from the horses in the fields before vandalising the sheds. Sanctuary owner Julie Bassett with Annie one of her oldest horses who had the coat stolen from her back. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Little Tinkers Sanctuary is a haven for old and sick donkeys and horses.

But in the last six months, it has experienced six thefts - with the culprits even stripping ponies of their rugs.

On Friday, the sanctuary in Bluebell Road, was targeted again and this time thieves have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage,

Julie Bassett, 49, set up Little Tinkers Sanctuary 15 years ago, as a home for the animals that would otherwise have been put down.

She said: 'They have smashed up the food room and sheds and got the medicine cabinet off of the wall.

'When I came to feed the horses I saw it all and just thought, not again, they have taken all of our equipment and just smashed everything. We look after poorly ponies that need the medicine.'

Police are investigating the thefts and a Crime Scene Investigation team were at the sanctuary yesterday.

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She added: 'On December 30th they took the rug off of a sweet little ponies back, Annie, she is 33 years old and has arthritis, I don't know what goes on in people's minds.

'If anyone desperately needed a rug I would give them one, they didn't need to smash the place up and steal everything.'

'It began in one of our back fields which is near the road, people were stealing the rugs, so I put a note up on the gate saying that we knew what was happening, and I don't know, but maybe someone took offence to it.'

Local people have been donating lots of different items to help Mrs Bassett continue to look after the donkeys and horses at the sanctuary.

A donation page has also been set up to help fund the repairs and replacements, which in 19 hours had already raised £795.

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