Norwich father and son Guy and James Drake win �1,000 on TV quiz show Pointless

Two Norwich hospital porters have become unlikely TV stars after winning the popular quiz show Pointless.

Father and son Guy Drake, 47, and James Drake, 21, who live together in Bowthorpe Road, Earlham, and work together at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, were seen winning the BBC 1 show on Tuesday.

They picked up the �1000 jackpot prize and a trophy and both have now become mini-celebrities in the city and at the hospital.

James said: 'Some of the patients I push at the hospital are now whispering 'Were you the one on Pointless the other night?'.'

Contestants on the quiz try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of.

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James said: 'We were really lucky in that we could answer all the questions in the three rounds and then the final, and the answers we came up with won each of the rounds.

'I'm a big film fan and one of the questions was on John Cusask films. I named 'Pushing Tin' which won the round as none of the 100 people quizzed had picked it.

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'And dad is great on trivia and really knows all the obscure stuff. One of the questions was about tennis. It was about which tennis players have been ranked number 1 for more 52 weeks. We said Martina Hingis and that was the best answer because only one person out of 100 had picked it.

'We were doing so well that they dubbed us the steamroller duo because we were on fire and we annihilated the competition.

'We really love the show and it was a great experience, even though I was nervous, when I was told up to 4m people watch each show. But dad was really cool. It was a surreal experience.'

The pair were asked on the show where they came from and watching the tape later both said that their Norwich accents came through strongly.

James added: 'We were both born and bred in Norfolk. My dad and I are really close and we have been told by people who watched it, that it came across really well.

'My 14-week old niece Lily Rosalie Land, daughter of my sister Jodie Land, also got a mention on the show.'

Mr Drake senior, whose wife Angie was cheering him on, said: 'It was a very enjoyable experience and a good day out. We bought a world map before going on the show to improve our geography skills and we also have trivia books, but in the end we did not need them.'

Father and son applied online to go on the show, auditioned in London and filmed the show last month.

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