A 4am wake-up in -20C - are David and James Norwich City’s most devoted derby fans?

David Stangroom, 69, and his son James, 39, who will be watching the East Anglian Derby in Canada wh

David Stangroom, 69, and his son James, 39, who will be watching the East Anglian Derby in Canada where it is currently -20C. PIC: Submitted by James Stangroom. - Credit: Archant

They certainly cannot be accused of being fairweather fans.

James Stangroom, 39, and his father David, 69, will be braving temperatures of -20C in Canada to get up in the early hours of Sunday morning and watch their beloved Norwich City take on Ipswich Town.

James lives in Calgary after his parents emigrated from Norwich back in 1975 and has grown up supporting Norwich.

He will be getting up early to drive over to his parents' house to watch the game which kicks off at 5am local time.

He said: 'Most Saturdays the kickoff is 8am for us here, so they usually make the trip over to my house to watch.

'The derby is a bit different, of course, with the early kickoff.

'The plan is for me to drive over there to watch at their house, however we can now both access the same streaming channel that is carrying the match, so the motivation to venture out into the cold and dark is a little bit reduced.

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'Although we have had a fairly mild winter, and don't get it as bad in Calgary as other parts of Canada, we are in the midst of the coldest weather we have seen this winter.'

James said he was looking forward to the game but felt it would be closer than their respective positiond in the table suggested.

He said: 'I'll go with a closer-than-it-should-be 2-1 win for Norwich.'

James was 'not too concerned' with the return of Paul Lambert and could not see City's former manager repeating the success he had here at Portman Road.

As a youngster James started off checking City scores in the paper but said supporting the club had evolved following the advent of social media, podcasts and the chance to see streamed matches.

He said: 'Because Canada is huge geographically but has a relatively small population, supporting Norwich is very much a solitary endeavour. While we have supporters sprinkled across the country in most major cities, we simply spread out so far that meeting up to watch matches in person simply doesn't happen.'

But a Canadian Canaries supporters group has been set up to try and connect City fans.

He added: 'It is nice to know that yes, there are other supporters going on about their business somewhere in Canada, often with an interesting connection to Norwich.'

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