Norwich family’s anger after rogue firework causes dog’s death

A Norwich family have been left devastated after a firework spooked their dog and caused it to be run over in front of them.

The family are now appealing for people to be responsible with their fireworks this weekend, as they come to terms with the loss of their four-year-old former racing greyhound, Paddy.

Mark and Cheryl Foulcher, who live on Watkin Road in Tuckswood, had been walking their pet at nearby Harford Park, a popular dog-walking spot in the Ipswich Road area, at around 7.45pm on Sunday.

The walk ended in tragedy, however, after a single rogue firework surprised them and the dog, which they had adopted six months ago, and he bolted into the road.

Mrs Foulcher, 49, said: 'I never thought you could be so devastated when you lose a pet, it was just the way he went.

'The firework came flying across and exploded above us, it was a really big, pretty one and he went mental.

'He turned round and was really pulling away from me, thrashing from side to side, went two steps into the road and straight under a car. In 10 seconds he was gone – and dead.'

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Police confirmed they were called to the scene after a silver Ford Mondeo hit a black greyhound at around 7.50pm on Sunday. A spokesman said the female driver suffered no injury but was left shaken.

Mrs Foulcher said the elderly occupants of the car were really upset about the incident as well and that her husband Mark, 46, was severely affected as his asthma kicked in during the upsetting situation.

With many firework displays organised for this weekend Mrs Foulcher appealed for people to stick to those events and not let off unexpected fireworks, saying: 'He was absolutely petrified and it made me jump out of my skin as well.'

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