Families of crash victims tell of agony as lorry driver awaits sentence

The scene of a crash at Little Fransham, A47, which killed Peter Stebbings and Calvin Beckett 

The scene of a crash at Little Fransham, A47, which killed Peter Stebbings and Calvin Beckett  - Credit: Kirsty (@InTahUk)

The families of two men killed by a lorry driver in a "tragic" moment of distraction have spoken of the agony of life without their loved ones.

Daniel Hewett, 48 and of Fairfax Road, Norwich, appeared in Norwich Crown Court on June 24 for sentencing after pleading guilty to two counts of causing death by careless driving at King's Lynn Magistrates' Court last month.

But Judge Katharine Moore said she needed more time to reflect on the evidence before deciding his fate - bailing him to return to court at 10am today.

She warned him an immediate custodial sentence was still on the cards. 

The A47 was closed after the crash at Little Fransham. Photo: Abigail Nicholson

The A47 was closed after the fatal crash at Little Fransham - Credit: Archant

Hewett was travelling on the A47 between Little Fransham and Necton on March 6, 2020, when he failed to notice slowing traffic ahead of him.

He swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid a collision and rolled his lorry onto its offside — crashing into a Jewson Lorry and a Skoda.

Jonathan Goodman, defending Hewett, said he was a "family man" with a previously "unblemished" driving record.

He said: "It was a tragic few seconds of distraction with the worst consequences imaginable."

Calvin Beckett, 47, was one of Hewett's victims. He died at the scene.

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The court heard his sisters, Hannah Stork and Camelia Winsley, were devastated when they received the news.

In a joint statement, they said: "Growing up, we were a very small, close and private family.

"We lost our mum when we were all in our early 20s which devastated us, then a few years ago our dad was also taken from us. 

"We only have the two of us to support each other now. We will never have the opportunity to have Calvin back in our lives again."

An inquest review was held into the deaths of Calvin Beckett (pictured) and Peter Stebbings in a cra

Calvin Beckett (pictured) and Peter Stebbings were killed in the crash on the A47 - Credit: Archant

The driver and the passenger of the Skoda, meanwhile, were 78-year-old Peter Stebbings and his wife.

Fire crews had to extract the pair from their car, with Mrs Stebbings breaking three vertebrae and all her ribs on her right side. Mr Stebbings died in hospital the next day.

Their daughter, Janette Swales, said: "It is too painful to write about even a year after his death.

"My mum and dad did everything together. Her life has been totally changed because of this collision.

"Imagine not being able to invite your dad, husband or grandad to all those special celebrations, or every day things you take for granted. That's what it is like every day for our family."