Norwich couple discover giant egg

While Sir David Attenborough has had to shell out on a trip to Madagascar to find the origins of a giant egg for his television programme last week, Bob and Lilian Hodgson know eggs-actly where theirs came from.

The couple, who live on from Newmarket Street in Norwich's Golden Triangle, received a huge hen's egg which puts standard specimens to shame.

Bob's friend and fellow band member Alistair Cameron supplies him with eggs from his home near Bungay, where he keeps a small number of free-range chickens.

After being henpecked by Bob about the size of his eggs, Alistair presented him with this cracker.

It measures about four inches long and around seven wide – not quite as large as Sir David's elephant bird egg, left, at over a foot tall and over three feet in circumference.

The identity of the champion chicken remains a mystery. Mr Cameron's chickens are all very much free range, and the only way Mr Hodgson could think of to identify the bird was to 'look for the one with the crossed legs'.

The future of the egg is much more certain. When asked if he would be keeping the egg, Mr Hodgson replied that he would 'probably cook it'.

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