City fan hopes creation can help others show their colours with pride

Ken Lowe has designed a football shirt displaying system. picture: Archant

Ken Lowe has designed a football shirt displaying system. picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A former security has branched out in his retirement by developing a product for sports fans to display their favourite shirts on with pride.

Ken Lowe, 68 and of Buxton, has produced a striking 'shirt display system' called a Kaadsi, which is designed for supporters to show off shirts on the wall in style.

Fusing elements of a coat hanger, a wall mount and a photo frame, the Kaadsi is design to allow fans to display their shirts in the home while also allowing for easy access should they wish to pull it on and wear it.

It is fitted with a hanger and spaces for a picture, which Mr Lowe is hoping will prove a must-have for any fan or memorabilia collector.

He said: "It's an idea I had about 12 years ago. I'm a big football fan and love watching the game, but whenever they show the dressing rooms after the match they're always in such a state.

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"That's what gave me this idea. You always see children's bedrooms decked out with football gear, so I thought this would be a nice way they could show off their colours.

"If you have a shirt in a display case or a frame it's a pain to get to it, but this way it can be shown off but will be easy to get to when it if you want to wear it too."

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Mr Lowe has patented the design, but is now hoping he can attract investors who can help him take the product off the ground.

The design has been a labour of love for the former Chapelfield security guard, who took inspiration from his family to name is - with its name being an acronym of his own name, his children and his late wife.

He said: "I'm Ken, my late wife was Dawn and then my children are Adam, Amy and Dawn - so that's how I came up with Kaadsi - so you can bagsy a Kaadsi.

"I've had quite nice feedback about it - nobody has had a bad word to say."

For more about the product, Mr Lowe can be contacted on 01603 279271.

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