Norwich City boss shows young carers Carrow Road

With just weeks to go until he pounds his way around the London Marathon course, Norwich City chief executive David McNally met some of the young carers he is hoping to help.

The football boss took three Norfolk teenagers, whose lives are dominated by caring for their parents, on a private tour of the Carrow Road football stadium yesterday.

Mr McNally is raising money for the recently launched NORCAS charity's Too Much Too Young appeal.

The charity will provide support for families whose lives are affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling addiction.

Zoe Webb, 15, looks after both her mother and father, even though they live separately. Her father is an alcoholic who used to be addicted to amphetamines and her mum suffers from epilepsy.

The Eaton teenager looks after her mother, before travelling 20 minutes to care for father.

'I have to make sure that my Dad has alcohol because if he doesn't he panics,' she said. 'I want to live my life, but I worry about them. I am used to it now though.'

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The Manchester United supporter was told by Mr McNally she could have two free tickets to a Manchester United game if Norwich City is promoted to the premiership next season.

Murray Grant, 16, from Sprowston, is a Norwich City fan. He has looked after his father, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, since he was eight. He said: 'I normally do cleaning and shopping and things like that. During the week I've not got much time because of college. I do most of it on Fridays because that is my day off. I work at the weekend as a chef.

'I have to work long hours doing that so I can pay for a car.'

Hannah Cargill's father also has multiple sclerosis and uses controlled drugs to help cope with the condition.

'It is a different type of drug misuse. It's medication for him', said the 18-year-old.

'I do everything. He is bedridden. I have to wash him, clean him, cut his hair, nails. I also have to look after my sister who is 16. It just takes up all my time.

'I do go to college and do hairdressing two days week,' she said.

'I think what he (Mr McNally) is doing is really good. He is raising a lot of money for us. It is good for the future.'

The teenagers are part of the Norfolk Young Carers Forum and will be helping with the appeal and to employ support workers.

Mr McNally said: 'These teenagers are responsible for adult stuff, but they are still children.'

'It is really hard for them because they do not get much spare time. We invited them to the game on Monday, but they are so busy they could not even make that game.'

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