Norwich Citizen’s Advice Bureau boss leaves after 30 years

The chief executive officer of the Norwich and West Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau, Steve Wiseman, has left after 30 years in the position.

Mr Wiseman, 60, said there has always been a large number of volunteers coming forward to deal with the constant need for help and advice.

He said that the age range of those volunteering had become more diverse and added that the number of staff had grown in his time at the organisation. Where once there were two others in the office with him, there are now about 60.

Mr Wiseman said he had also seen a number of changes, including more legislation around people's rights and a culture where everybody wants answers quickly.

He said: 'There is so much information out there on everyone's rights and entitlements, but people are not necessarily better informed. Quite often too much information confuses people.'

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Other social changes he has seen in his time at the bureau include attitudes to racism, sexism and the benefits system, more complications for charity fundraising and a more litigious and credit focused society.

He added: 'Everyone talks about health and safety but every aspect of life is highly regulated, and because people hear about more rights they seek advice more.' Mr Wiseman, who was an economics teacher in London, is now working with charities about fundraising opportunities.

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He said: 'I have some fond memories of my time at the bureau. I admire the dedication of all those involved and will always recall them with fondness.'

Jackie Saville, chair of Norwich and West Norfolk Citizens Advice Bureau, said: 'His tireless work over this time is greatly valued and appreciated and we wish him all the very best for the future.'

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