Norwich charity to give people the chance to experience homelessness

The team from Hope Into Action preparing for its Big Sleep Out in Norwich in October. PIcture: Hope

The team from Hope Into Action preparing for its Big Sleep Out in Norwich in October. PIcture: Hope Into Action - Credit: Archant

Homelessness is an ever increasing problem in our fine city. Now, one Norwich charity is giving the opportunity to live a night in the shoes of a someone living on the street.

On Friday, October 13, the homeless charity Hope into Action is hosting its Big Sleep Out at Café Britannia.

The charity is challenging people to join them for an evening to experience what it might be like to be homeless.

The event will feature personal testimonies from local people who have experienced homelessness.

When the café closes, it is time to 'bed down' for a potentially wet and cold night without the comforts of home.

The aim of the event is to increase awareness of the struggles faced by homeless people in Norwich and to raise funds to enable Hope into Action to continue work to combat these issues.

Noriwch Hope into Action coordinator Kate Doran-Smith said: 'Finding new and exciting ways to fundraise is always an exciting challenge, especially for a small charity.

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'Café Britannia are an example of this and our event with them is evidence that together we are stronger.'

The award-winning charity was founded in Peterborough in 2010 and opened a Norwich project in 2012. The aim of the charity is to change the lives of the most disadvantaged in our city by providing them with beautiful homes and surrounding them with positive role models who will encourage them to make good life choices.

Hope into Action Norwich have seven houses which have housed 67 people since they opened. An eighth house will open later in the year.

Davina Tanner OBE, chief executive of Britannia Enterprises said: 'We know, first hand, how challenging it can be for ex-prisoners to find somewhere safe to live.

A lack of housing options puts people at risk and we support all work that seeks to help people get a roof over their head - because having a place to live gives people a fresh start and can often be the first step towards a brighter and better future.'

Tickets are £20, which includes a meal and breakfeast from

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