Norwich car club eyes expansion plans

Ambitious plans have been unveiled for a car club in Norwich to expand, with more than a dozen new spaces for vehicles created over the next two years.

The club is already planning to put in extra cars at half a dozen locations in Norwich this year, but councillors will be asked this week to allow a further seven spaces to be created for use by the club.

The car club was launched in Norwich in 2006 and is operated by Durham-based Commonwheels.

Members pay a monthly fee to get access to a pool of cars dotted around Norwich.

Those cars, which have bays allocated specifically for the car club, can be hired for anything from an hour at a time to full days. The club has 10 cars based at locations in the city centre, five spots in the Unthank Road area and one at Malborough Road in the north of the city.

Extra cars are due to be made available in The Avenues, Christchurch Road, York Street and Gloucester Street in the Golden Triangle later this year, as well as at Patteson Road to the north of the city and at Greyfriars Road in the city centre.

But, at a meeting of Norwich Highways Agency Committee, made up of city and county councillors, tomorrow, officers are recommending that traffic regulation orders are advertised which would mean a further seven car club bays could be created.

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The new locations would include bays in Chapel Field East and Surrey Street in the city centre, City Lane in Lakenham, Ella Road in Thorpe Hamlet, at Trafford Road to the south of the city centre and at Heigham Street and Nelson Street to the west of the city centre.

The report by council officers, which will come before councillors tomorrow, states: 'The car club operator has the ambition for Norwich to become the first citywide low emission fleet to be operated on a not-for-profit basis in the country.

'This will necessitate a rolling programme of car club spaces to be implemented across the city over the next three years in order to achieve this target.

'There has been increasing demand for the car club from residents across the city and the car club must expand if it is to become a sustainable operation in the medium to long-term.'

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