‘I’ve been using prostitutes for 40 years’ - Businessman opens up about escort addiction

The man said he had used escort sites for years. Photo: Getty

The man said he had used escort sites for years. Photo: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Carl*, a businessman from Hellesdon has been seeing sex workers for nearly 40 years. He said the industry is addictive and does not believe he is being unfaithful to his wife.

Norfolk sex workers advertising online. Image: Screenshot

Norfolk sex workers advertising online. Image: Screenshot - Credit: Archant

My motivation for seeing sex workers has changed many times according to the different stage I'm at in life.

When I was youngster it was a bit of fun and excitement. Relationships come with a lot of strings that you don't always want whereas an appointment with an escort is just a phone call, booking in and then the deed is done.

Sometimes it's as simple as wanting a laugh on a quiet Friday night and others the appeal of being with a much younger woman you wouldn't stand a chance with in real life.

I've been married for 36 years and there have been long periods that I didn't use escorts during that time.

Mostly I do it just for the lack of inhibitions that escorts.

Last year my wife was diagnosed with cancer so now she's too ill to have a physical relationship but I still need one.

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She doesn't know and I would never tell her because I don't think she would understand my motives.

It isn't that I don't care about being faithful but having sex with an escort is different to having an affair and it's a way I can do it without threatening my marriage as much.

The girls you go back and see again and again are the ones that make you think they have a genuine interest in you.

You know you're deluding yourself - if anyone sees an escort for anything other than a physical reason they're always deluding themselves. Most of the girls I see are much younger than me, in their early 20's and very attractive. That's part of the glamour of it.

The whole industry is disreputable and maybe I've got a jaundiced view, but I think agents are just greedy and don't care about clients or girls.

They only find out guys are dodgy when they turn up and beat a girl up and it is too late by then anyway.

Doing it for as long as I have I've seen some dodgy situations and I know I've put myself in danger, which is probably half the thrill of it.

Normally I visit girls at their apartments but if I really like a girl sometimes I'll book her a hotel and let her use it to see other clients too.

At the end of the day these women are just trying to make a living so why shouldn't I help them out if I can?

I visited a Romanian girl who had stunning pictures online but when I got there she was underweight and looked like she hadn't slept for a week.

It had been a long drive to get to her house out in Watton so I decided to just go ahead with it anyway.

I handed over the money and she went to hide it in the kitchen which is standard practise, but instead of coming back a huge bloke came out and asked me not very politely to get out.

Things like that are pretty common. It's hard to tell who is genuine and that's one of the reasons online punter forums have become so popular.

•We interviewed Carl as part of our look at the online sex industry in Norfolk. You can read more here.

*Names have been changed

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