Widow fighting for wedding refund

Fiona and Guy Boswell Norwich

Fiona and Guy Boswell whose wedding day had to be cancelled after Mr Boswell died of a rare form of cancer - Credit: supplied

A grieving Norwich mum is locked in a battle to claim back more than £4,000 spent on her wedding after her partner lost his battle with cancer.

Fiona Boswell, 50, from Hellesdon, hoped to marry Guy in the summer and booked the ceremony at Elm Farm Country House, in Horsham St Faith last year.

But after Mr Boswell was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer last year the pair plumped for a low-key wedding at the register office.

However the couple, who have three children from previous relationships, hoped they could still mark their marriage with a party at Elm Farm in Norwich Road, in July once Mr Boswell had recovered.

Sadly he passed away on March 14.

Mrs Boswell said she has been refused a full refund by the venue who say because she has cancelled too close to the planned day she won’t get her money back unless they can resell the date.

Friends and family have now taken up Mrs Boswell's cause on social media hoping to prompt a change of the venue’s terms and conditions.

Fiona Boswell Norwich

Fiona Boswell - Credit: supplied

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Mrs Boswell said: "I just think it is so insensitive - I've lost the love of my life. I wanted to have my wedding at Elm Farm, we had booked it in January 2020 and in September we got the diagnosis that he'd got amyloidosis.

"With little time left we got married at Norwich register office - granted special circumstances. But we had hoped to have a reception with friends on July 24 this year but it wasn't to be.

“Guy died, we did not cancel therefore the hotel's terms and conditions are void. I'm sure the hotel will have no problem rebooking the date but unfortunately I will never be able to have my husband back, nor my wedding day to him as was expected.”

Mrs Boswell showed this newspaper her email exchange with the hotel. According to this, a few days after Mr Boswell's death, the hotel emailed Mrs Boswell with a copy of their terms and conditions, stating: "I am sorry to hear this sad news. As you can see from your terms and conditions, due to cancellation at this stage, full payment would be required to be paid if you hadn’t done already."

As the dispute escalated Mrs Boswell says the venue asked her friends to remove negative social media posts. Mrs Boswell denies asking anyone to post anything online about her dispute.

Sally Williams, who runs Elm Farm, told this newspaper: "Fiona Boswell changes her mind weekly and at first did not want us to cancel the booking.

"It's no-one's business but we will be discussing the matter with Fiona."