Norwich at the heart of some new grim greetings

Some of the less glamorous areas of Norwich have been depicted in a new batch of light-hearted greeting cards produced by a website called Grim Britain.

Based on photographs from around the city by Charlie Stenner, the new cards both highlight areas of Norwich which need improvement and make for fun novelty cards at the same time.

The 31-year-old former Hewett School pupil has enjoyed success in the past with similar cards and has now released a new 2011 range.

He said: 'I had totally stopped doing them a couple of years ago but they were really popular so I thought I'd start doing them again.

'I know there have been a lot of budget cuts for local councils but some of the areas we have photographed there is really no excuse for the state they are in.

'We have a new website now though and I hope that people will get involved and send us images of grim scenes that they see.

'It's mainly to have a giggle but it does also highlight things.

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I'm not saying it was because of us, but the site of what used to be Hi-Tech House on Magdalen Street did get sorted after we pictured it!'

Grim Britain also produce cards featuring Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth and Ipswich, but the star of the show is the Norwich Puppet Man. David Perry has become renowned for his puppet show busking on Gentleman's Walk in Norwich and Regent Boulevard in Great Yarmouth.

His popularity was emphasised last month when rumours of his death swept around social network websites.

It led to the Evening News having to track him down to prove he was alive.

Mr Stenner added: 'The Puppet Man doesn't necessarily come under the grim section, he is more just a picture to reflect Norwich.

'The Puppet Man cards are always a bit of a giggle and when I stopped making these a couple of years ago, people were always wanting more Puppet Man cards.'

The cards can be purchased from Brambles on Exchange Street or from, where you can also submit your own photos for consideration.

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