North Walsham’s Brunch Bar makes “Brunchzilla Burger”

A burger weighing nine times the amount of a normal quarter pounder is testing the appetites and stamina of diners at a cafe in North Walsham.

Named the Brunchzillar burger, the one kilo monster racks up more than 3,000 calories, and has been added to the menu at The Brunch Bar on the town's industrial estate, at Laundry Loke.

The idea was sparked by owner Duncan Farquhar - who took over the running of the eatery last year - after watching an America television programme which sees people taking on the world's biggest food challenges.

The 43-year-old grandfather said it started off as 'a bit of a joke' but started getting requests for the burger instead of cakes to be shared at birthdays and celebrations.

'We have all walks of life coming to try it, but it is more popular with younger people,' he said.

'Eventually I just want to see how big we can go - and see who wins the challenge first.'

Competitors have an hour and a half to finish the whole burger - which is also how long it takes to make and cook - including a portion of chips.

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If people succeed they receive a voucher for another brunchzilla burger, a place on the wall of fame on social networking site Facebook and a chance to compete in the Brunchzilla II challenge - a three kilo burger estimated to be a 5,000 calorie feast.

Mr Farquhar said that people should not be worried about the calorie content though as it was 'not a serious meal'.

He added: 'It's all for fun. It's purely for people to enjoy but they have to be responsible. We do try to make everything as healthy as we can - they are just living for that moment.'

Theo Clouter, 29, of North Walsham, was the 15th person to attempt the challenge, describing it as 'beautiful'.

A recent construction management graduate, he said: 'I've always had a healthy appetite but as far as finishing this in the allocated time goes - not a chance. It is a delicious cheesy 'yum' though.'

The team at The Brunch Bar is also planning a charity eat-off event at a car and bike day organised for May.

- Anyone who wants to take on the challenge is asked to call The Brunch Bar in advance on 07840 873917.

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