North Walsham group set up to support mums with drug-addict sons and daughter

A support group has been set up in North Walsham to show the mums of drug addicts that they are 'not alone'.

Lost Mums, which meets once a month in the town, has been set up by a mother whose son has been taking drugs for a number of years.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said: 'I have decided to do this as my son has been on drugs for some time now. I have realised that no-one really understands unless they are going through the same.

'My son no longer lives at home and I am always trying to work out why this has happened to me.'

She added: 'This has made me realise that there must be other mums out there in a similar situation. We as parents have done nothing wrong as this is a decision our child has made.

'I therefore decided I needed to start this group to help parents know they are not alone.'

She said she had received support from the Matthew Project in Cromer, while the monthly meetings were being funded by the Griffon Area Partnership.

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