North Norfolk residents warned after metal thefts in Cromer, Sheringham and Weybourne

Residents from north Norfolk are being warned to be vigilant after a spate of metal thefts in the area over the past few months.

The latest theft happened on Church Street in Cromer around 11pm on Sunday, January 22. Five metres of copper piping was stolen from the side of a house.

Prior to that two gas pipes were stolen from homes in Cabbell Road, in November, and a copper overflow pipe was taken from a residential home on St Mary's Road in October.

In Sheringham, a lightning conductor was stolen from the high school over the Christmas holidays and copper pipes were taken from homes on Kimberley Court and Gun Street.

Copper pipes were also taken from a home in Church Street, Weybourne, and a pub in Weybourne.

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Sergeant Gary Read said: 'It's not just homes that are being targeted, we also need people to keep an eye out for any suspicious activities around churches, community centres and other buildings that aren't occupied 24-hours a day. Do let us know vehicle registration numbers if you spot anyone that appears to be looking for scrap, or if anyone approaches you and offers to remove it for you.'

The value of scrap has massively increased over the past few years and Norfolk Constabulary are asking that all suspicious activity around metal theft is reported including people who arrive unannounced at homes or business offering to remove scrap.

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• To contact Norfolk Constabulary in an emergency call 999, or if it is not an emergency call 101.

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