Norfolk wildlife cameraman involved in Channel 4 programme by Suffolk farmer Jimmy Doherty

Woodland wildlife was caught on film by a Norfolk cameraman for a new series presented by Suffolk farmer Jimmy Doherty.

The programme, Jimmy's Forest, was filmed over a year in a north Norfolk wood and finished in the spring.

Wildlife enthusiast Martin Hayward Smith, from East Barsham, near Fakenham, was one of three cameramen on the project.

He said: 'The story takes you all the way through the seasons and it looks at the ecosystem of a forest, from the ground to the top of the canopy. It has been a marvellous experience.'

There will be four episodes of Jimmy's Forest, looking at each season, and it is due to be aired on Channel 4 from the beginning of August.

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As part of the programme, Jimmy Doherty – who owns Jimmy's Farm near Ipswich – lived in the forest in a treehouse, which included suspended walkways, zip wires and a science lab.

Friends and experts joined him around the campfire and helped him make new discoveries and perform experiments to understand the inner workings of a British forest.

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Mr Hayward Smith said his favourite moment of filming was recording badgers at night.

Other animals which feature in the programmes include deer, foxes and songbirds.

During the spring Jimmy helped tag newborn red deer calves, cooked with road kill and found out whether it is possible to drink straight from a tree.

In the summer he constructed a super-sized fly paper to catch insects, staked out a badger sett and witnessed a frog migration.

In autumn he learned how to forage for his survival, explored how kestrels hunt and made ink from oak galls.

And in the winter he discovered how trees communicate, where rooks sleep and had to deal with an unwanted predator in the forest.

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