'I haven't seen that smile in a long time' - Wig boosts Isla's confidence

Isla George from Norfolk smiling due to the wig donated from Little Princess Trust

Isla George, 7, suffers from trichotillomania which is a hair pulling condition. - Credit: Megan George

A seven-year-old girl, who suffers from a hair pulling condition, has regained her smile through the help of the Little Princess Trust.

Isla George, who lives near Acle, suffers with trichotillomania, a condition which creates a compulsive desire to pull out one's hair, and has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Her mum Megan noticed Isla began pulling hairs on her arms and legs the day after her seventh birthday last April. Then in November, the primary school pupil began to pull hair from her head.

After approaching the Little Princess Trust, Isla received a wig, which her mum says has given her "her princess back".

Miss George said: "The first time she put the wig on, you can see the smile, I hadn't seen that smile in a long time. She has her walk and her sass back.

"We are so grateful to The Little Princess Trust.– I have got my little princess back.”

Mobile wig fitter Liz Pullar used FaceTime to hold a virtual appointment with the family and matched the wig to Isla's chosen hair colour.

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Miss George said: "I thought it was just anxiety and she was pulling hair from her arms. 

"We knew Isla had undiagnosed neurodevelopmental disorders and is a sensitive person and the whole situation created by Covid has been really hard for her to understand.

“It has been awful because she has hidden away inside hooded tops and headbands. She was getting really awful stares when we were out and it left her really down.

“I knew of the charity but wrongly thought they only helped young people with cancer. I could not believe how easy and quick it was to get the wig,

"She immediately felt more confident and, wearing her wig, was happy to walk down the street and be out in public."

It has inspired the family to document on Facebook what it is like to live with trichotillomania, with Isla also wanting to raise money to create care packages for other children with the condition.

Isla has also been support by Matt's Mission Charity as well as a woman in Finland who shaved off her hair in support of the seven year old.