Warning over 'Amazon' cold call recordings scam in Norfolk

Amazon has seen a dip in profits in the wake of new investments

Trading Standards officers have warned over scam 'Amazon' cold calls targeting Norfolk people. - Credit: PA

People in Norfolk have been warned not to fall for a telephone cold call scam purporting to be from Amazon.

Trading Standards officers based at Norfolk County Council say they have had several reports from people in the county who have received recorded messages claiming to be from Amazon.

They say recent reports have included:

  • That ‘a payment of £79.99 has been taken to renew an Amazon Prime subscription’. The call then states people can ‘press 1 to cancel the payment’.
  • That ‘a purchase costing £1,000 has been made on your Amazon account’, the call then states you can ‘press 1 if you did not make this purchase’.
  • That ‘£1,000 has been charged to your Amazon account’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 to speak to the Amazon fraud team’.
  • That ‘you are required to make a payment of £399 to your Amazon account’ the call then states you can ‘press 1 to speak to an advisor’.

A spokesman for Trading Standards said: "Where residents have interacted with the call, they have then been connected to a person who attempts to gather personal, account or financial details.

"These calls are a scam and are not connected with Amazon in any way.

"If you receive this or a similar call our advice is do not interact with the call and hang up."

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People who get telephone calls they suspect to be scams can report them via the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on freephone 0808 223 1133.