Captain Sir Tom Moore inspires siblings to run 5km every day

Elodie and Patterson

Elodie and Patterson on day five of the challenge in aid of Break. - Credit: Lucy Houghton

Two schoolchildren have been pulling on their running shoes every day during lockdown to raise funds for a vital cause. 

Lucy Houghton's children Patterson, 11, and Elodie, 10, have been covering at least 5km a day for the last four weeks in Freethorpe and Halvergate. 

They are fundraising for East Anglian charity Break, which provides support for vulnerable children and young people. 

Elodie and Patterson

Elodie, 10, and Patterson, 11, are running at least 5km a day for Break - Credit: Lucy Houghton

The children were inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore and a sports teacher, so suggested doing their own challenge to their mother.

She said: "They have put others before themselves and want to raise as much money as possible for a charity which is needed more than ever. 

"It is a case of fitting it around home schooling and I can categorically say after 28 days in the cold and wet that it is not easy!" 

After the passing of Captain Sir Tom this week, the children's fundraising page was edited by Patterson in response to the heartbreaking news.

He posted: "I am very upset about the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore. He is a complete legend in my mind and gave me the idea to do the 5km run every day."

Break have supplied the children with high vis jackets emblazoned with the charity logo for the challenge. 

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Elodie, who attends Freethorpe Primary School, and Patterson, of Town Close School, have both surpassed their £100 fundraising targets but are eager to raise as much as possible. 

Elodie and Patterson

Day three of the challenge - Credit: Lucy Houghton

So far, they have covered at least 140km each, raised nearly £350 and are on day 30 of the challenge. 

Sarah Bunn, community fundraising manager at Break, said: "We have been thrilled to hear all about Pattison and Elodie’s challenge – just to run 5k is a hard task for many, but to do it every single day of lockdown is astounding!  

"It's heart-warming to know that they wanted to do it to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young people in our community too – and in this current climate where we all need to look after one another, they really are doing their bit.  

"Thank you both of them, and mum too of course who also has to run or walk alongside them!!  You are all really changing young lives."

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