Norfolk Royal watcher’s verdict on the Royal Wedding

Ardent Royal watcher Mary Relph has spoken of her 'disappointment' at missing out on lining the streets in London for the Royal Wedding.

There aren't too many big royal events that go by without the 77-year-old, of Shouldham, being at the front of the crowd to greet members of the Royal Family and their guests.

But a bad back suffered when watching the Queen attend a church service in West Newton in February meant she missed out on travelling to the capital for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day.

She said: 'As soon as my back started to get sore six weeks ago, I knew I wouldn't be able go and I was really disappointed not to be in London for the Royal Wedding.

'It has been quite upsetting for me, particularly after I had phone calls from my friends who are in London and said I would have really enjoyed it and that they were sorry I wasn't there.'

The Shouldham resident watched the ceremony with relatives including Grace and Roseann Suiter, and Joanna Relph in Runcton Holme.

Speaking about the Royal Wedding, she continued: 'I thought it was wonderful from start to finish and although I was disappointed not to be in London, I did enjoy watching it with family members around me.

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'I was really glad that the weather was so nice for them and I thought Kate's dress was wonderful. William and Harry also looked brilliant and I thought Camilla looked stunning.'

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