Poppies blaze in fields before the storm

poppies in Norfolk

A woman photographs a field of poppies at Burnham Norton, near Wells - Credit: Chris Bishop

Superstition had it if someone picked one, there would be a storm - it looks like someone already has judging by the weather forecast

Fields are ablaze again as the poppies bloom on the Norfolk coast. Bright red blooms glow in the summer sun as the wildflowers return.

Norfolk Poppies

Poppies crown a hill near Burnham Market - Credit: Chris Bishop

The dazzling display delights locals and visitor alike as one of the county's amazing natural spectacles unfolds.

Writer Clement Scott coined the phrase Poppyland for the coastline between Cromer and Overstrand in the 1880s.

Norfolk poppies

Poppies have returned to the north Norfolk coast - Credit: Chris Bishop

He wrote: “Neath the blue of the sky in the green of the corn, it is here that the regal red poppies are born."

Poppies are believed to have arrived in seed corn brought to our shores by neolithic farmers 5,000 years ago.

Norfolk poppies

A red ribbon of poppies runs along a hillside near Heacham - Credit: Chris Bishop

They have performed an amazing survival act, while many of our once-common wildflowers have been lost to intensive farming.

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By the Middle Ages, the flower sported a clutch of names including thundercup and thunderflower. 

Norfolk poppies

Poppies bloom along the A149 coast road - Credit: Chris Bishop