Norfolk police officers cycle the thin blue line - in the US

Police Inspector Louis Provart and retired Inspector Carol Congreve

Police Inspector Louis Provart and retired Inspector Carol Congreve - Credit: Archant

Seaside cliffs and coastal hills are a far cry from their usual beat.

But the US Pacific coast was a breath of fresh air for Wymondham-based police Inspector Louis Provart and retired Insp Carol Congreve, who spent 29 days cycling from Canada all the way to Mexico.

The energetic pair covered an average 65 miles a day, making a total of 1,812 miles.

They broke up the journey by visiting police departments along the way and even going out on patrol with them.

Insp Provart, 36, said he was thrilled to have finished the challenge, which raised money for charity, Care of Police Survivors.

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He said: 'It was personal, physical and psychological challenge which I'm very pleased to have finished and proud to have achieved.

'The coastline is some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.'

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Insp Provart said meeting US police in places including Seattle, Ventura, San Diego and San Fransisco was a highlight of trip.

He said they were in San Diego when US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump visited the city for a rally, and he and retired Insp Congreve got to accompany the city's police on their security operation.

He said it had been fascinating to compare policing in the US and the UK.

Insp Provart said: 'What we noticed is that the problems we deal with are mostly the same, but the methods police use are different. Police there are constantly armed, so that is a significant difference.'

They also attracted a fair amount of attention from people living along the route, and were interviewed by a local TV station in a city called Coos Bay in Oregon.

Insp Provart said: 'We had a lot of encouragement from people along the way.'

Nearing the end of the trip, they presented a traditional bobby's helmet to San Diego's police chief, Shelly Zimmerman, as a mark of solidarity with other police forces.

The cyclists had a support driver who ferried their baggage along the journey.

-Keep up to date with Insp Provart on Twitter at @InspProvart

The Pacific coast cycle was a life-changing experience for Insp Provart and retired Insp Congreve.

As part of the challenge, they wanted to support a charity which changes others' lives as well.

Insp Provart said they had raised more than £2,500 for Care of Police Survivors (COPS).

COPS aims to ensure that families of police killed in the line of duty have all the help they need to cope with such a tragedy.

-Donations can be made online at

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